Copper Falus of Baz Bahadur– Malwa Sultanate





Baz Bahadur Shah al sultan

बाज़ बहादुर शाह अल सुल्तान

باز بہادر شاہ السلطان


Baz Bahadur Shah, the Sultan

बाज़ बहादुर शाह, सुल्तान

باز بہادر شاہ سلطان



Zarb Shadi[abad] urf mandu fi sanah


ज़र्ब शादी[आबाद] उर्फ़ मंदू फ़ी सनह 965

 [آباد] ضرب شادی

عرف مندو فی سنہ 965


Minted at Shadiabad also known as Mandu in the year 965

शादिआबाद, जिसे मांडू भी कहते हैं, में ढाला गया सन 965 में

 شادی آباد، جسے مانڈو بھی کھتے ہیں، مین ڈھالا گیا سنہ 965 میں


Baz Bahadur

Bayezid Baz Bahadur Khan (reigned: 1555-1562) was the last Sultan of the Sultanate of Malwa and the son of Shuja’at Khan. After Sher Shah Suri gained control of Malwa, he left it in the hands of Shuja’at Khan. After briefly being replaced by Isa Khan by Islam Shah Suri, he was re-appointed as the governor of Malwa by Adil Shah Suri. Upon his death, Baz Bahadur was crowned the governor of Malwa despite having contested with his brother Daulat Khan Ajiyala. He then went on to declare himself independent in 1555.[i]

He is most famously known for his romance with his mistress Roopmati. His adoration to Roopmati has evolved into a mythology that is well-known in Malwa. This administration's carelessness led to the officers and jagirdars oppressing the populace and attracted the interest of the Mughals in Malwa, ultimately leading to the consolidation of Malwa as a Mughal Subah.[ii]

The coin

The coinage of Baz Bahadur continued the Malwa tradition of the square shape and the ever-changing mintmarks. The obverse presents Baz Bahadur’s name as well as his designation, while the reverse displays the Hijri date alongside the mint name of ‘Shadiabad urf Mandu’ which mentions both the names of the capital of Malwa. This is the only time that the name of the city of ‘Mandu’ has been found.

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